novelty and the perverse of the urban wild
“it is what has in its opposite pole the very essence that it itself lacks: its realisation therefore coincides with its own ambition; it must negate itself through its opposite in order to be.” agamben
abiding to this quote, my initial exploration deals with a bipolar system, specifically a ballancing loop feedback system. this first script takes a population of 100 units divided into 2 groups, spheres and cones. the cones and spheres are set to configure into different ratios within their relationship. every ballancing loop is set to achieve the state of desire. the state of desire, in this case, is defined by population alone- the group with the larger population has 'power.' my intention with this exploration is to find the resistance value, and find the point where a change of state occurs. posted below, is a screenshot of the initial result along with its script.sc001.jpg