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26.03.07 pre-summary
novelty as discussed before was maybe a reach for a term which didn’t quite match the range of the idea of the individual or moment. the first part of the semester dealt a lot with first the ambiguity of direction− what the hell does all this agent/empire stuff mean? the second issue was a technical problem− a certain lack of desire and propensity for programming and scripting. the desire now is to work with where my skills lie− the design of something− all of which will embody the same properties and qualities of logic, and most importantly process− only in a way which I feel more apt to succeeding with these ideas.
so the idea of novelty may or may not be the right word for what I’m trying to get at− which is where and how the individual relates to his or herself, and then to a larger body− what this studio would call a pattern− the agent within a system. the exploration− which was intended to only last about 4 weeks and was thought, at least to me, to be an icebreaker to this discourse not quite familiar in its emphasis. what is novelty? or in a more general question− what and how is the individual? what and how are we as a group of individuals? as I was saying, the exploration, which turned out to be tedious and aloof, was an attempt to collect a multitude of individual iterations of a very simple system of a three body population group− to study their relationships purely by their quantitative relationships, and then to put them together and see if there were any discernable patterns or information which I could accrue to make any kind sense out of anything.
coming out of mid-review, out of this confusion and frustrations of the initial ambiguities between my thoughts about process and system relationships to those of the studio− well, they seem to not be so far off. all of my work in the past has been strictly about process- just not in the computational sense− which was the conclusion to which I prematurely jumped at the beginning of the studio. the question, though, remains the same, independent of the route which was taken. how does one person relate to everything else in every scale possible? what can be deduced to render any kind of clarification to existence, and at the least, a way about which to be architecturally responsible for these ideas and thoughts? novelty is the individual- novelty is the collective of individuals in any environment- novelty is even found in the most mundane of perceived experiences- novelty is the iteration of iterations of these experiences. an experience requires a space, a time, and an ‘individual.’
a labyrinth is where the spatial world meets the temporal world− where time meets space and the ‘individual.’ it is a life path where instances of experience meet their counterparts, and consequently result in interaction. the clearest way I can think to somehow talk about the system is by exposing the ‘individual.’ connections are merely how dr. andreas goppold puts it, memory and anticipation− the way the labyrinth forces past, present, and future on the subjected individual. cities and their infrastructures are merely the physical ramifications of the ‘individual’ trying to connect memory with anticipation− the labyrinths in which we exist as agents in an empire known to so many people in so many ways.
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