a2_small.jpg a1_small.jpg

2_small.jpg 1_small.jpg
Each cubes connect at Ydirection.

w_smal.jpg d_smal.jpg

1_smal.jpg 2_smal.jpg
This images use mel. First, make cubes at randam size and place. Then, these cubes conect. It's testing merging condition which is like magnetic force.

This images are from material intelligence whitch use ferrofluid and magnet.
This images are from material intelligence whitch use ferrofluid and magnet.
This images are from drop movie.
This images are from drop movie. update 11_06_06

This animation made from previous work. First, 3 cells are connect and multiplication. Then, each cells are going to separate. update 10_30_06

This images are from drop animation. update 10/14/06


This images are from maya mel animation which I made. These spheres are multiplication at randam points. update 10/11/06


These are images of emergence which I'm interested. update 10/11/06

I’m interesting about emergence systems. (The working of ant colonies,
immune and virus systems, the pile-up of cars in a traffic jam, and the
motion of a flock of birds.). At the first step I’m working to make animation
using MAYA MEL.( for some tests about programming and analysis of emergence
systems.) / Simple organization and multiplication.

Also I’m doing analog research about emergence systems and ubiquitous computing systems. Ubiquitous computing is the opposite of virtual reality. If the virtual reality puts people inside a computer-generated world, ubiquitous computing means the computer to live out here in the world with people. For emergence systems, if see it at outside, emergence systems looks self-development or self-organization. However, I’m interesting the phenomena of emergence systems are occured from some opportunities for multiplication. One thing relate all of the phenomena.

Moreover I’m thinking to make installation in this semester to use programming and real device. When I was under graduate student, I created an installation witch indicated multiplication of architectural spaces. I’d like to try to create more conceptual projects which like a contemporary media art.

And I’m still thinking to continue for thesis project. I’m sure, now is not enough topics, research, and tests for thesis project. Hopefully, this semester can find concept for thesis project. And I’m really interesting about Perry Hall’s workshop and tutorial of some scripts will be influence for the next steps.

Now I’m thinking I’m going to keep test Maya Mel and other programming tools. And keep continue to my analog research.