Ed Keller .plan notes on agentCODE project

February 4 2007
Spring phase of project up and running
GSAPP and SCIArc studios and seminars in progress, with
'Post Empire' investigations taking place in both locations.
SCIArc work more materially intensive in studio groups.

Planned symposia for spring in both NYC and LA, with
visiting group from AA London in NYC to coincide with
reviews and symposium in NYC in early April.

Press release out for SCIArc MediaSCAPES Postgrad program launch,
and all agentCODE related events in LA will plug into that as a
prelaunch event series.

toDO still includes posting of various theory texts/links on wiki.
Otherwise Blair and Dave involved in admin on that front.

November 25
brief notes near end of fall. NYC symposium a great success; good
participation from SCIArc, Pratt and GSAP students; plus a number of
excellent presentations by guests including Blair Ellis, Roland Snooks, Carla Leitao,
Alisa Andrasek, George Showman, Ezio Blasetti, and Caterina Tiazzoldi.
More on the developing symposium page in Nov/Dec.
October 5
first LA visit coming up; EK and PH, with PH workshops over a week
reviews, round tables. Blair and Nick working with team; symposia discussions
progressing; NYC trip scheduled for Nov. plus progress on WIKI, Code Base, Readings online.

September 24
The project is up and running; we have a team of five at SCIArc, plus
a wonderful commitment from all the people originally assembled for this
project- to remain involved somehow, even though our resources for the fall
have been reduced substantially.

In progress: discussions with various faculty, designers, researchers to participate
in two symposia- one in LA, one in NYC
also in progress: either a Second Life or UnrealTournament space to set up
meetings for the team.

ToDO: get wiki links, code base underway, also readings page for team. Finally, post
some texts as RE code on 'Theory' page.